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Georgian Wines Have Finally Arrived

Discovering Stalin's Wine Cellar. What do we know about the secret collection and where is it now?!

Discovering Stalin's Wine Cellar. What do we know about the secret collection and where is it now?!
An ancient wine collection was discovered by John Baker in the 90th that sent him on an adventure of a lifetime across the globe to the former USSR republic Georgia. Discover his journey of the secret hidden cellar that was collected for the Russian Emperor Nikolay 2 and was later in control of Iosef Stalin.

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Here are 7 Reasons Why drinking Red Wine is Good for Your Health

Saperavi wine

Millions of people around the world love wines. It does feel good to pop open the cork after a long day at work. The good news is, when consumed in moderation, Saperavi wine can reward you with awesome health benefits. So, if you need a reason to raise your glass, here are seven!

Red Wine is Good for Your Heart:

With an ingredient list that includes flavonoids and other antioxidants, it's no wonder researchers have found that drinking red wine in moderation can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease by as much as 40%. From reducing inflammation to thinning blood, studies show that there are plenty of reasons to toast with this healthy libation.

Helps prevent Cancer:

As if we needed another reason to drink up! A recent study published have found a link between moderate consumption of alcohol like red wine and decreased mortality rates from breast cancer (and other types) in women. The research suggests that resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, may inhibit growth of cancer cells and their primary blood supply.

Keeps Your Kidneys Healthy:

A University of Michigan study found that the compounds in Saperavi wine can help keep kidneys healthy and slow down kidney failure that is caused by diabetes. Remember though, binge drinking won’t do any good.

Slows Down Memory Loss:

Another reason to raise your glass? A new study suggests that the chemicals present in red wine may have an effect on molecules that cause neurofibrillary tangles, or tau. Researchers also say it could reduce memory loss and protect against other types of dementia.

Keeps Your Teeth Healthy:

A study published by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry suggests that the red wine and grape seed extracts will reduce the growth of bacteria in your mouth. This furthers helps minimise tooth cavities. However, after consuming your Saperavi wine, make sure to brush your teeth and get rid of those stains.

Stronger Bones & Tighter Skin:

Resveratrol has antioxidant properties, which may help fight off disease-causing free radicals that can damage cells, proteins and DNA - all mechanisms thought to be responsible for aging. This same substance may also protect against sun damage, which brings us to the next point.

Protects Your Skin from UV Damage:

Researchers have also found that resveratrol works to protect against sun damage, upping production of enzymes that fight harmful free radicals and regenerating cell structures damaged by them. Of course, you can't get these benefits unless you drink red wine in moderation. The key is to keep your daily intake at or below one glass, which provides about 200 milligrams of resveratrol. This is because the amount varies depending on the wine type and where it was grown.

So, do your research and purchase a premium quality, delicious Georgian Saperavi from a reputable supplier today!

Georgian Red, Saperavi Rewards

Georgian Red, Saperavi Rewards

Wine is always a good starter to a conversation, whether it’s a good topic or catalyst to get the nerves going for a discussion. The typical wine connoisseurs always have their choices to pick from the list, with a number of bottles bearing their own titles and awards too.

Enter saperavi wine. Saperavi (Dry Red) 2019, the right inbetween of Merlot or Shiraz. Reigning from the Kakheti region of Georgia. A deep hue of inky purple which it gets its name from - named literally ‘paint dye’. Saperavi is one of the most sought after wines with its few varieties in the world.

Georgian Red?

Sweet, semi-sweet, dry, or fortified red wine, cultivated and grown from one of the oldest wine regions in the world. Georgian red wine has had a history and continues to only evolve in both beauty and taste, with  UNESCO even adding the ancient traditional Georgian wine making method as an intangible cultural heritage.

The richness of Georgian saperavi is only one of the country’s long-running cultivation of wine and grapes, but it doesn’t shy away even among its siblings. with the aromas of plums, blackberry and prunes that are sure to allure any connoisseur or even the simplest lover of wine.

Saperavi withstands very cold climates giving its natural acidity, made from grapes reaching their full ripeness at the nearing months of the cold of September and October. Making it an ideal drink for the holidays or even the breaking dawn of the New Year - a celebration and drink to enjoy with others you care for.

Ideal pair to sip

If you are looking for something to pair with the grilled taste of meat or spice-filled stews, georgian saperavi has the strong flavour and texture that makes it an ideal pair. Perfect with a rich palate, spicy with hints of fresh grapes, cherry and vanilla flavours. Who wouldn’t want to clink this over a barbie after a “Cheers, mate”?

Even beyond the barbie grill, Saperavi continues to catch the eyes of the trained eye. To the point it’s even found a spot as the best red wine around the world during the International Wine Challenge in 2020. Being the first time in history for a purely georgian saperavi produced to be the champion of the most influential wine competition in the world.

After such an achievement, it continues to be the saperavi wine favourite a year later with awards all across London, China, Hong Kong, and other areas of Asia. A clear favourite even outside its country.

So if you’re looking for the best sip to have for the holidays or to greet the new year, treating one’s self to an award-winning saperavi wine such as Saperavi (Dry Red) 2019 is the well-deserved award with a barbie to boot.

The Truth Behind the Best Organic Wine and Non-organic Wine

The Truth Behind the Best Organic Wine and Non-organic Wine

Drinks are a lot of people’s way of socialising. Whether it be over beer or champagne, people love to talk over alcohol. What is important to check is whether or not you are drinking the best organic wine or the non-organic one.

Wines are commonly chosen as the drink for intimate occasions; friends meeting to talk about life, or lovers enjoying a date for the third time. What is not common is the knowledge that there are organic and non-organic wines.

What is a natural organic wine?

Organic produce is any produce that doesn't involve anything chemical during production. These chemicals include fertilisers, pesticides, and other artificial mixed agents. The best organic wine is essentially a wine product that is produced using organic ingredients. This doesn’t mean that the wine itself doesn’t have additives. There are a few additives that are essential in the production of wine such as animal enzymes and yeast. Natural organic wine can be vegan, but this is not always the case.

What are non-organic wines?

The polar opposite of the best organic wine or natural organic wine are non-organic wines. This means that non-organic wines are made using inorganic ingredients. Non-organic wines are more common than organic wines because vineyards usually utilise pesticides to keep their grapes healthy and without pests. Fungicides are also frequently used to ward off and kill invasive species.

Organic wines is a trend that is exponentially growing since the rise of the movement which pushes for an organic type of living. There are people who strongly believe in the effectiveness of organic ingredients. As a matter of fact, there has been a noted 34% increase in the exports of organic wine just in Australia. This means that more and more people buy organic wine for its believed benefits.

What are the benefits if we buy organic wine?

1. Has fewer sulphites

Additives are usually added to commercialised beverages to keep them fresh for as long as possible. That’s what sulphites do. Sulphites or sulphur dioxide are additives commonly found in wine drinks which keeps them fresh for very long. A limited amount of sulphites is harmless. However, people with asthma or someone who lacks the type of enzymes which break down sulphites will be gravely affected by the presence of sulfur oxide in the drink.

2. Contains less sugar

When you buy organic wine, your sugar intake will be less as most of the sweetness that you can taste from non-organic wines are from sugar. Sugar is an essential part of wine creation because the amount of sugar added will determine the alcohol content of the wine. A sweet wine is the result of excessive adding of sugar on top of naturally occurring sugar in grapes. This is a mistake that most novice winemakers make.

What Makes Rkatsiteli a Great Food Pairing Wine

Rkatsiteli wine

Derived from one of the world’s oldest varieties of grapes, Rkatsiteli is used to produce many different wine styles including sparkling wines, sweet dessert wines, fortified Sherry-style wines and dry single varietal whites. A dry Rkatsiteli is usually known for its floral, spice and quince aromas with flavours of honey, tropical fruits, fennel and lime. Let’s take a closer look at the different qualities which make it an excellent wine to be paired with various kinds of food.


An excellent wine to bring over lunch or dinner, Rkatsiteli wine perfectly pairs with many types of food because of its easy drinking fruit flavour, crisp acidity and often higher alcohol content. In the Middle East and in Eastern Europe, the dry wine varieties are regarded as great picnic wines as they are often paired with food. They are a perfect match for Indian, Iranian, Turkish and Lebanese spiced meats. Dry wine versions also go well with all kinds of seafoods including oysters, poultry and fish. For the off-dry wine varieties, people usually pair them with spicy Thai foods and other spicy Asian delicacies.  

Restrained Yet Refreshing

For wine lovers who want to taste something different, Rkatsiteli wines are a must try because of their distinctively pleasant flavours. With their crisp flavour that closely resembles that of green apple, drinking them is quite refreshing. With hints of white peach and quince, they are comparable to northern Italy’s Pinot Grigio or Petit Chablis.

Persistent Finish With Subtle Aromatics

Initially, there is subtle aromatics. Once you pour Rkatsiteli in your glass, the wine will open up and will have a persistent finish that will leave your palate with an almost savory flavour. Overall, the flavour and taste of this wine variety are not overwhelming. It will hit your palate just right with its medium body with light tannins and medium-plus acidity. For instance, one sip of a Rkatsiteli amber wine will give your palate apricot and orange zest flavours with a hint of spice. It also comes with aromas of dried white flowers, dried herbs, quince and hints of caramel.

Where to Find the Best Tasting and Highest Quality Rkatsiteli?

Looking to buy Georgian wine online? There are many dependable wine producers and suppliers out there. You can check out their websites for more in depth details on each and every wonderful product they have to offer. If you have Epoisses de Bourgogne or any other special creamy cheeses, you can check the internet for wine products like a Rkatsiteli amber wine. Aside from cheese, this Georgian wine also tastes great with meat recipes like marinated lamb chops with herbs or veal chops with lemon. The next time you go to an event or party, don’t forget to bring a Rkatsiteli wine or any other Georgian wines with you and impress everyone.