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Georgian Red, Saperavi Rewards

Georgian Red, Saperavi Rewards

Wine is always a good starter to a conversation, whether it’s a good topic or catalyst to get the nerves going for a discussion. The typical wine connoisseurs always have their choices to pick from the list, with a number of bottles bearing their own titles and awards too.

Enter saperavi wine. Saperavi (Dry Red) 2019, the right inbetween of Merlot or Shiraz. Reigning from the Kakheti region of Georgia. A deep hue of inky purple which it gets its name from - named literally ‘paint dye’. Saperavi is one of the most sought after wines with its few varieties in the world.

Georgian Red?

Sweet, semi-sweet, dry, or fortified red wine, cultivated and grown from one of the oldest wine regions in the world. Georgian red wine has had a history and continues to only evolve in both beauty and taste, with  UNESCO even adding the ancient traditional Georgian wine making method as an intangible cultural heritage.

The richness of Georgian saperavi is only one of the country’s long-running cultivation of wine and grapes, but it doesn’t shy away even among its siblings. with the aromas of plums, blackberry and prunes that are sure to allure any connoisseur or even the simplest lover of wine.

Saperavi withstands very cold climates giving its natural acidity, made from grapes reaching their full ripeness at the nearing months of the cold of September and October. Making it an ideal drink for the holidays or even the breaking dawn of the New Year - a celebration and drink to enjoy with others you care for.

Ideal pair to sip

If you are looking for something to pair with the grilled taste of meat or spice-filled stews, georgian saperavi has the strong flavour and texture that makes it an ideal pair. Perfect with a rich palate, spicy with hints of fresh grapes, cherry and vanilla flavours. Who wouldn’t want to clink this over a barbie after a “Cheers, mate”?

Even beyond the barbie grill, Saperavi continues to catch the eyes of the trained eye. To the point it’s even found a spot as the best red wine around the world during the International Wine Challenge in 2020. Being the first time in history for a purely georgian saperavi produced to be the champion of the most influential wine competition in the world.

After such an achievement, it continues to be the saperavi wine favourite a year later with awards all across London, China, Hong Kong, and other areas of Asia. A clear favourite even outside its country.

So if you’re looking for the best sip to have for the holidays or to greet the new year, treating one’s self to an award-winning saperavi wine such as Saperavi (Dry Red) 2019 is the well-deserved award with a barbie to boot.

Georgian Wines Have Finally Arrived

Georgian Wines Have Finally Arrived

By Christina Brandalise 

If you think about where in the world wine was first produced, you will most likely pinpoint (and thank) the Greeks or the Romans. However, a recent study of modern grapes showed that they all descended from a wild grape variety native to the Caucasus Mountains. Where are the Caucasus Mountains you ask? This lush green fertile region is located in Georgia, at the crossroad of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. And it is here that wine was “invented”, with not a grape crushing Roman in sight.

Introducing Georgian Wines, a selection of the very best Georgia has to offer from renowned producer, exporter and winner of several prestigious wine awards, Tbilvino. Brought to you by Tamada P/L, the only importers of Georgian wines into Australia, the Georgians have had over 8000 years of practice, with evidence of wine making dating back 6000BC. That’s a hell of a lot of wine making experience. Currently exported to over 30 countries word wide, I am surprised these fine wines haven’t made it to our shores sooner. Wine connoisseurs and wine lovers will appreciate the unique flavour and aroma derived from the native Georgian grapes.


A premium range is now available in Australia, comprising of 12 varieties online and at selected stores. With a sleek bottle and exotic looking label, these wines are a dinner party must, being both a crowd pleaser and conversation starter. Who wouldn’t want to try some wine from “where it all began?”.


Selected lines are currently available at, Liquor and Wattle, Strathfield Cellars, Bourke St Wine Shop, Liquor on Oxford, Darlinghurst Cellars and Glebe Liquor with prices starting around $20. The list of stockists is growing so please check the website for new additions. Alternatively, you can order from the full range via email at sales@tamada.com.au and enjoy the discounted pricing that comes from ordering direct from the importer.

1. The Good Food & Wine Show
Don’t miss the opportunity to try these wines at The Good Food and Wine Show at Sydney Olympic Park. Held over 3 days, August 7, 8 & 9, you will be able to taste all their wonderful wines here by visiting their Stand, M29 in the second pavilion. I’m sure you will come home with more than a few bottles.

2. Wahroonga Food and Wine Festival
Get into the Georgian spirit by heading down to the Wahroonga Food and Wine Festival to try these wines and stock up for summer. It will be held on 25th October at Wahroonga Park from 11am – 5 pm.

You can find out the latest store location for scheduled tastings via their Facebook Page

Private tasting sessions can be organised via email at sales@tamada.com.au or info@tamada.com.au