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What Makes Rkatsiteli a Great Food Pairing Wine

Rkatsiteli wine

Derived from one of the world’s oldest varieties of grapes, Rkatsiteli is used to produce many different wine styles including sparkling wines, sweet dessert wines, fortified Sherry-style wines and dry single varietal whites. A dry Rkatsiteli is usually known for its floral, spice and quince aromas with flavours of honey, tropical fruits, fennel and lime. Let’s take a closer look at the different qualities which make it an excellent wine to be paired with various kinds of food.


An excellent wine to bring over lunch or dinner, Rkatsiteli wine perfectly pairs with many types of food because of its easy drinking fruit flavour, crisp acidity and often higher alcohol content. In the Middle East and in Eastern Europe, the dry wine varieties are regarded as great picnic wines as they are often paired with food. They are a perfect match for Indian, Iranian, Turkish and Lebanese spiced meats. Dry wine versions also go well with all kinds of seafoods including oysters, poultry and fish. For the off-dry wine varieties, people usually pair them with spicy Thai foods and other spicy Asian delicacies.  

Restrained Yet Refreshing

For wine lovers who want to taste something different, Rkatsiteli wines are a must try because of their distinctively pleasant flavours. With their crisp flavour that closely resembles that of green apple, drinking them is quite refreshing. With hints of white peach and quince, they are comparable to northern Italy’s Pinot Grigio or Petit Chablis.

Persistent Finish With Subtle Aromatics

Initially, there is subtle aromatics. Once you pour Rkatsiteli in your glass, the wine will open up and will have a persistent finish that will leave your palate with an almost savory flavour. Overall, the flavour and taste of this wine variety are not overwhelming. It will hit your palate just right with its medium body with light tannins and medium-plus acidity. For instance, one sip of a Rkatsiteli amber wine will give your palate apricot and orange zest flavours with a hint of spice. It also comes with aromas of dried white flowers, dried herbs, quince and hints of caramel.

Where to Find the Best Tasting and Highest Quality Rkatsiteli?

Looking to buy Georgian wine online? There are many dependable wine producers and suppliers out there. You can check out their websites for more in depth details on each and every wonderful product they have to offer. If you have Epoisses de Bourgogne or any other special creamy cheeses, you can check the internet for wine products like a Rkatsiteli amber wine. Aside from cheese, this Georgian wine also tastes great with meat recipes like marinated lamb chops with herbs or veal chops with lemon. The next time you go to an event or party, don’t forget to bring a Rkatsiteli wine or any other Georgian wines with you and impress everyone.