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Papari Valley is located on the slopes of the Gombori mountain range, overlooking the Caucasus Mountains and the fertile Alazani River Valley - Georgia’s most well-known appellation. Its name, translates to horse’s mane in Georgian, a reference to the valley’s wavy appearance. 

The founder of Papari Valley Nukri Kurdadze worked as a physicist in the 1980s and after the Soviet Union collapsed, Nukri bought a small vineyard near the village of Akhasheni, Kakheti, where he has built himself a cubic functional building which contains his cellar with several Qvevris on three levels. From the terrace there is a wonderful view of his ecologically cultivated and organic vineyards and the distant mountain range.

The unique system Mr Nukri Kurdadze uses is of three terraces of Qvevri. First and second terraces are placed in the zone of marani, and the third one in the basement. Transfusion of wine from one terrace to the other happens only by force of gravity.

Papari Valley’s unique terraced Qvevri system enables vinification using gravity flow – this demonstrates the winemaker’s dedication to natural wine-making with minimal intervention. The first terrace is for fermentation, the second is for ageing and the basement (the third terrace) is reserved for premium wines which undergo further ageing. The journey that takes 8 months through the winery’s terraced Qvevri system. 

Papari Valley's vineyard is certified as Bio and organic. Wine is produced and also bottled in the village of Akhasheni by traditional Kakhetian method. No artificial intervention is made. Papari Valley has followed organic farming practices since 2014 and ferments its wines using only naturally occurring yeasts. No synthetic herbicides, pesticides or systemic treatments are used.  The overall area of vineyards is 9.3 hectares. 80% Saperavi and 20% Rkatsiteli.

All 3 wines on our website from Papari Valley is produced using three terraces of Qvevri system.