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The greatest beer in the world might be the one you have in your hand at any given time. But there's an entire world of obscure beers out there that go way beyond your everyday draught. As water is the most common component of beer, and one of the greatest influences of the beer's flavour. Soft pure water from Caucasus Georgia with a lower pH value is ideal for crisp beers such as ales and pale lagers with a strong hop character. The higher the quality of the water used, the finer the taste and quality of the brew.

Zedazeni beer is the flagship product of JSC "Georgian Beer Company," stands out for its distinctive taste attributed to the pure mountain spring water from the Caucasus. Zedazeni places a significant emphasis on maintaining a consistent and exceptional quality, acknowledging that the three pivotal factors influencing beer quality are ingredients, recipe, and production process. The water sourced from the pristine springs of Zedazeni, combined with a recipe from the Czech brewing traditions and brewed with the highest quality ingredients, contributes to the unparalleled taste of Zedazeni. The meticulous balance of specially selected malt and hops, harmonised with the unique water of Zedazeni, results in an extraordinary flavour profile. Zedazeni beer has rightfully earned its position as the premier beer in Georgia.