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Frequently Asked Questions

What is preservative free wine?
Preservative free wine means that no preservatives were added during the winemaking process. This term does not acknowledge that during the winemaking process sulphur dioxide is released into the wine which is a natural preservative, the term is more in reference to additional, artificial preservatives.

Can wine be made without preservatives?
Yes, wine can be made without preservatives. There is a process of natural winemaking where the wine is not exposed to sulphites or other preservatives.

Are preservative free wine and organic wine the same?
Not all organic wines are preservative free. Organic wines are wines made from grapes with no pesticides, herbicides, or other chemical treatments. This means that organic wine fruit is preservative free, however, some organic wines are not preservative free and may still have sulfites added in the winemaking process

Are Georgian wines preservative free?
Georgia is one of the oldest wine-producing countries in the world. The Georgians have been making wine for over 8000 years. Over the centuries, they've perfected their methods, creating wines that are both tasty and preservative free. Georgian wines are now available to people all over the world who want to enjoy these delicious wines without having to worry about harmful preservatives. With so many options available, it can be hard to find the perfect wine for your project. You can find plenty of organic wines online at Tamada.

How do you know wines are preservative-free?
In order to know if wines are preservative-free, you need to look at the label. The label will tell you the type of wine (red, white, etc.), the alcohol content by volume (ABV), what kind of grape was used, and whether or not there are any added sulphites. For example, some labels state that a wine is made with organic grapes and has no added sulphites; this means it is preservative-free. Contact us for organic wine delivery.

How are preservative free wines different to drink?

Wines with no preservatives added Wines with no preservatives added are different to drink because a higher chemical content in other wines is reported to cause headaches and other side effects in some drinkers. This is because preservatives give the wine a longer shelf life, however, it also has a negative effect on some after consumption